Events - Spiritual Xchange

In order that I can reach out to and help more people I give Psychic Demonstrations. These evenings involve audience participation, which means interaction between the audience, myself and people in Spirit; hence we have a Spiritual Xchange - an exhange of thought, knowledge, feelings and laughter.

It’s at these evenings that I feel I am in my element as I hope I bring peace of mind and happiness to many members of the audience. I’m often told that I radiate a natural warmth and sincerity which immediately puts people at ease. I feel I have the ability to interact with each person I focus on making them feel like the special, individual and important person which they truly are. As well as the serious side of the night there has to be an element of fun at these evenings, life isn't always about being serious and spirit often make us fully aware of this.

Mini private readings usually available after the demo, time permitting.

  • Mediumship
  • Psychic Tarot
  • Psychometry
  • Aura Reading - everyone has their own personal energy field full of colour which changes as your life or emotions change
  • Astrology
  • Palmistry - reading your palm lines and other aspects of your hand.
  • Crystal Ball and Pendulum

Messages from your Loved Ones in Spirit are given with Respect and Care.


Spiritual Xchange Evenings

These evenings are held in cafés, pubs, hotels, theatres, community centres and village halls; basically, anywhere it’s possible to do so. If you know of a venue which would be suitable for this type of event, please let me know.

New events coming soon!


If you would like to book an Spiritual X Change evening at a pub, cafe, etc. please get in touch to make arrangements.