Angelic Healing

If you are feeling tired, stressed out or unable to relax, then this wonderful relaxing form of healing is just what you need. During the healing, I act as a channel for the powerful healing energies of the Angels, relaxing and healing you on both a physical and emotional level.

Most people feel immediately relaxed, followed by feeling of total tranquillity; some people feel firstly relaxed and then feel revitalised.

During your Angel Healing I relax all the muscles in your body and then I place my hands on either side of your head to allow the Angel energy to flow through my hands and into your body, this helps to balance your Chakra’s.

You may feel warmth or tingling as the energy flows through my hands; you may also experience a sensation of floating, however this is a very pleasant sensation.

You may be able to visualise the Angels which are working with us; this is a very unique experience and can be quite emotional. Spirit often make contact during your healing. Please wear loose fitting comfortable clothes and allow up to an hour at my workroom for your healing.

Cost £45.00 per person

Non-refundable deposit required £5.00 per person contact me for details

Animal Healing

Using Angelic Energy Healing on animals helps the animal to deal with any illness or injury which they may have and aid the healing process; most animals respond very well to alternative therapies.

Having lived on a farm as a child I am used to working with all kinds of animals.

If an animal is drawing near to the end of their life this healing can help the transition into the next world making it feel safer, loved and secure.

Cost £40.00 per animal

Non-refundable deposit required £5.00 per animal contact me for details