Comments below are from genuine clients who have taken advantage of my various services.


Very accurate. Great first reading. Set my mind at rest for a lot of issues on my mind.  Thanks very much.


I just wanted to say thank you for the reading you gave me last night. I spoke to my parents about some of the things which didn’t apply to me and they were able to understand them and apply them to other family members and the things which I wasn’t aware of.  It was exactly what I needed, it cleared my mind and gave me the confidence and the push I needed to go after my dreams and to get what I want from life.  I woke up this morning feeling really energised, focussed and clear minded about what I need to do and so, so positive about everything that’s going to come – so thank you so much. All the very best …



Felt my reading was very accurate and feel it will help me.  Thank you, Diane.


Really enjoyed it, feel much calmer and happier and looking forward to the future.  Thank you, Diane.



Hi, I had reading with you tonight.  I just wanted to say thank so very much.  After talking with family, you were spot on with everything, the girl my age is a distant family member who died in a car crash.  Everything you said and all the names related to someone in the family.  A lot of people are wanting to contact you for a reading.  You are so truly gifted and every you said was so perfect, you couldn’t have been more right about it all.  Thank you so very, very much.

Not named

Lovely lady and a fantastic reading.  Thank you so much, you’ve made me feel so much better.  It was fun, definitely coming back if that’s OK.  Thank you again.



Lovely friendly lady. My first time having a reading done and I feel happy and peaceful.  Thank you so much.


My first time visiting a Psychic and it was wonderful.  Would definitely come back.



This is my 3/4th reading.  I haven't had one for years and I found this reading fantastic.  Thank you so very much.


Really enjoyed my reading, lots of people from Spirit came through.  Thank you, Diane.



Interesting reading with a few things to focus on.  Thank you.


Enjoyed myself very much and found the information very relevant to my life.  A lot of positivity for my future which will guide me in life.  Thank you so much.



Enjoyed myself thoroughly, very accurate, will definitely have another reading.  Thank you.


Made me feel at home, very good thank you.



Totally fabulous, all related, will come and have more readings.  Thank you for putting my mind at rest.


Great reading, very on the button and very helpful.  Fantastic to find someone new as moved so far away from here.



Wonderful to have the opportunity to reach into eternity and feel the presence of loved ones and know that all is well.  A joyous, if somewhat emotional time of reading that I shared with Diane, a happy, glamorous and kind medium.  Thank you for our time together.


Thank you for my reading lots of nice things to look forward to and lots of love brought through for me.  Very fascinating.


Very uplifting reading and answered some questions that needed to hear.


Thank you so much for the reading, it was absolutely fantastic and I heard exactly what I needed to.  Thank you.