Development Workshops


Every single one of us has Psychic abilities to some degree, whilst some are more naturally gifted than others (we can’t all be good at everything), however we all have special qualities upon which we can build. 

My Development Workshops give you the opportunity to explore and expand upon your own personal Psychic abilities at a time and pace that is right and suitable for you.

​Personal Psychic tuition is tailored to your needs and abilities in order to help you gain a better understanding of what you are capable of.  There are many areas that are covered to help hone your skills in the direction that you are best suited to explore; for example:

  • You may want to focus on understanding more about connecting to the Spirit World
  • How best to use Tarot, Oracle & Angel cards
  • Learn more about Astrology and Crystals
  • Discover if you have a gift for healing
  • Or simply find the best way for you to meditate

​Together we can explore your abilities and focus upon what areas you can excel within.   You may find that you have hidden qualities that you did not realise existed; if you have a natural gift then I can help you understand that gift in ways that you may never have considered.

For more information on numbers in a group and price, please contact me.