Mystic Nights

Relax in the comfort of your home with family and friends.

I believe these are great nights especially when doing Mediumship as sometimes the same people are trying to connect from the Spirit world to more than one person present.

Everyone is in the same room and I use:

Psychic Tarot Card Interpretation - connecting with my Spirit Guides to give a unique personal interpretation of the tarot cards.

Mediumship - acting as a Medium or Messenger between the Earthly Plain and Spirit Realm; whilst I will try my best to make a connection with spirit, this is not something I can guarantee will happen, or that it will be the person you are thinking about; Spirit will only come through when they are ready to do so.

Psychometry - sensing energy and emotions infused within personal items i.e. jewellery, photographs or any other item that has sentimental value.

Angel cards - angels are around helping us in our everyday lives, when you pick an angel card you are drawing the angel into your life that you need most at that moment in time.

Crystals - the power of crystals is infinite and diverse each one is valuable in its own way.

Oracle cards - there are so many different types of oracle cards, but they are all used to give you personal messages and guidance.

Pendulum - pendulums can be made of almost anything i.e. metal, wood or any type of crystal. A pendulum can be used to ask direct questions in a variety of ways and can even be used to ask the sex of an unborn baby.

Astrology - this helps you understand why and how you and people around you act and react in the ways that you and they do.

Aura Reading - everyone has their own personal energy field full of colour which changes as your life or emotions change.

Palmistry - reading the lines on your palm and other aspects of your hand.

It can be very tiring for your loved ones in Spirit to keep coming through in individual private readings; imagine saying the same thing over and over again. It’s much easier for Spirit to say what they have to say just once to everyone involved.

Everyone has their own Tarot & Angel Cards reading and everyone can be as interactive as they wish or simply observe; it’s your night and it can be whatever you want it to be.

​This is not a night of individual private readings; however, the evening does include a short private consultation with me after the demonstration for anyone who feels they need to discuss something in private.

​Event runs for approximately 120 min to 180 mins

Minimum of 4 - 8 people £40.00 per person.

Non-refundable deposit required £5.00 per person contact me for details